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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Clay Soaps by Hills of Clay

After much experimenting and testing on our friends and family, we have a companion product to our pottery: Clay soaps. We're really happy with the results and they have been well received.

We'll be starting a second Etsy store soon featuring soap and soap dishes, and they will also be available in a soon-to-be-open shop in Waukesha, and at Milwaukee Irish Fest. Here's the scoop...

Clay Soaps 
Handcrafted by Hills of Clay

Why clay soap?
        Squeaky clean feeling
        Mild and non-drying
        Great for all skin types

We are potters, and  work with our hands
in clay every day. Lots of hand washing and 
exposure to pottery clay led to very dry skin, 
which everyday hand soap did not help. 
We decided to start making our own 
high-quality soap, and started researching 

Unlike pottery clay, Kaolin  is a fine, white 
clay that has been used in skin care and 
cosmetic products since ancient times, 
and is widely recognized as beneficial to 
both dry and oily skin types - with properties 
that soothe, detoxify and nourish the skin. 
As potters, it was an obvious choice for us
to add clay to our soaps, so we tried it. 
We loved the results, and hope you do too!

Our soap base is either clear glycerin or 
white goat milk glycerin, made with only 
high quality natural ingredients. The glycerin 
base makes for a long-lasting bar of soap 
that doesn’t melt away after just a few uses. 
The soaps make great lather for a squeaky 
clean feeling, and also help to soften and 
protect the skin. We offer our soaps in a wide 
variety of shapes, sizes, colors and fragrances.